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A Closer Look: Fellows

A Closer Look: Claire M. Fagin Fellows

In celebration of the BAGNC program's tenth year, we are highlighting the efforts and achievements of our Claire M. Fagin Fellows in furthering the field of academic geriatric nursing. The call for profiles is going out by cohort, and we expect to have all profiles by our tenth Leadership Conference in 2010.

Selection of Claire M. Fagin Fellows is highly competitive, and the program serves as a catalyst for fellows’ academic career development.  Read their profiles to learn more about their accomplishments.

Chu Nancy Chu , PhD, APRN, BC
(2006-2008 Fellow)
Prevention and Health Promotion for Elders
Rose Ann DiMaria Ghalili, PhD, RN
(2007-2009 Fellow)
Geriatric Nutrition: A Multifocal Challenge
Lach Helen Lach, PhD, RN, CS
(2003-2005 Fellow)
Prevention and Health Promotion for Elders
Lopez Ruth Palan Lopez, PhD, GNP-BC
(2007-2009 Fellow)
Improving End of Life Care for Persons with Dementia
Sheila Molony, PhD, RN, GNP
(2007-2009 Fellow)
The Resident's Experience of Home in Long-term Care Environments





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