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Additional Resources

Opportunities in Aging Research and Leadership
Hartford Geriatric Nursing Initiative
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Organizations Addressing the Nursing Needs of Older Americans

Geriatric Critical Care Research (GCCNR) Group
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Opportunities in Research and Leadership

  • Mayday Pain & Society Fellowship: A Media & Policy Initiative

    The fellowship trains physicians, nurses, social workers, scientists, and legal scholars in the pain management community to go beyond their own professional pursuits to become thought leaders and advocates for change in the understanding and management of pain.

  • Practice Change Fellows Program: Enhancing Leadership in Geriatric Care

    This program is designed to develop health care leaders who can effectively promote high quality care to older adults. Up to ten Practice Change Fellows will be selected from applicants who hold a leadership role in a health organization or institution and have service line or programmatic responsibility for providing care to older adults. Fellows receive $90,000 over the two-year program and work with accomplished national mentors to design, implement, and evaluate a new project. Click HERE for most recent Bulletin.

  • CANS Outstanding Nurse Scientist Award

    The purpose of this award is to acknowledge The Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science (CANS) members whose sustained programs of research have had significant impact on nursing and healthcare knowledge development with recognizable benefit for nursing practice and healthcare. Learn more about this award and/or submit a nomination.

  • CANS Brilliant Future New Investigator Award

    This award was created to recognize the contributions of scientists early in their research careers who show extraordinary potential to develop sustained programs of research, certain to have significant impact on the science and practice of nursing and healthcare. Learn more about this award and/or submit a nomination.

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Hartford Geriatric Nursing Initiative (HGNI)

The HGNI works tirelessly on a variety of programs in five areas: Shaping nursing practice to best meet the health care needs of older adults; Enhancing professional education to ensure all nurses are prepared to treat older adults; Promoting research needed to guide the care and promote the health of older adults; Developing leadership in academic and professional settings; and Demonstrating nursing's commitment to enacting public policy that improves older Americans' health care.

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Comprehensive Resource Sites, Publications, Model Programs, Etc.

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Organizations Addressing the Nursing Needs of Older Americans

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